Stuck in the dark?  Faulty wiring and overloaded circuits can create hazardous living and working conditions for your family or employees.  These necessary repairs can only be trusted to an experienced and knowledgeable electrician.  As one of the leading Wilmette electrical service companies, Romitti Electric has the knowledge and skill to make sure all your safety needs are met.

Since 1985, Romitti Electric has been keeping its commercial and residential customers in the Wilmette area safe.  A trusted electrician in Wilmette, Romitti Electric has a wide range of fire and electrical safety services.  We provide short circuit and fault repairs along with preventative maintenance.  Fully knowledgeable in current state and local code, we can address recent code or safety violations at your business or provide a home inspection of your residence’s electrical wiring system.

Romitti Electric can also help with general day-to-day electrical needs.  Whether you are a company looking to install CATV cabling or a homeowner upgrading their outdoor lighting, our team of certified and licensed electricians can assist with all your needs. We also provide bathroom and kitchen wiring along with fixture installation and service.

Along with our electrical services, we can also install and service backup generators.  A well-performing generator system can be a lifesaver during power outages offering power for your appliances and keeping your home or business running.  If you are looking for a new unit or have an existing one, we can help you find the correct size, determine system requirements, and install it to specification.

To schedule your Wilmette electrical repair or generator service, please contact us at (847) 831-4471 or schedule your appointment online.

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