You read a lot about “smart homes”. Have you wondered how to make your home smarter? Not sure where to start?

Problem solved. Bishop Heating is proud to offer Home Smart Solutions, an innovative package of “smart technologies” designed to easily and economically increase your quality of life.


Increased Safety

Home Smart Solutions help make your home safer with the following features:

  • Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that tell you where the danger is and automatically turn on interior lights, flash exterior lights and open shades* when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected so that you can safely evacuate your home. If you are not home, the detectors will send an alert to your smart phone or Apple Watch advising you of a possible problem.
  • Smart indoor and outdoor cameras will detect motion and noise, and send an alert to your smart phone or Apple Watch when something suspicious is detected.


Increased Comfort

Home Smart Solutions help increase your comfort with the following features:

  • Smart thermostats that are self programming and can easily be adjusted to your desired temperature whether you at home or away. Now you can be comfortable and secure when you are at home…without having to think about it.
  • Smart lighting and shades* will help you control the amount of light in the room. Lights can be turned on, off or dimmed. Increase the amount of light when you are in the room; lower it when you are not. The Smart Away lighting feature will automatically cycle selected lights at night when you are away to simulate that someone is home.   Finally, the system can track when you arrive home and automatically turn on selected lighting before walking inside, making your entry safer.


Increased Convenience

You’re busy. We get that. Our Home Smart Solutions will help make your life just a little simpler.

  • Smart items such as thermostats, lighting, shades*, and even your garage door, can be pre-programmed and controlled from almost anywhere through an app on your tablet or smart phone.

Home Smart Solutions work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Xfinity Home.


Increased Cost Savings

In addition to making your home and busy life more comfortable, the ability to control your home’s temperature and lighting will help to reduce your utility bills.



You may want all the features available through Home Smart Solutions; you may want just a few. Your Romitti Electric technician can work with you to put together the solution that best meets your home and lifestyle.


Easy Installation

Once we have designed your system, your Romitti Electric technician can install it. Don’t worry; most installations do not require any rewiring.   Your technician will also train you on how to operate your system, so you can begin enjoying the benefits right away.


Home Smart Solution Products

Lutron Caseta Wireless Lighting Controls
Lutron Serena Wireless Shades*
Carrier Cor and Wi-Fi Thermostats
Nest Learning Thermostat
Nest Protect CO and Smoke Alarm
Nest Cam Indoor
Nest Cam Outdoor

Your Romitti Electric technician can also tell you about additional products.

*Serena remote-controlled shades offer the beauty, luxury, and quality of a Lutron motorized shade at a more affordable price. Available in insulating honeycomb and roller styles.
Shade features and products vary.