Romitti’s backup generator maintenance program includes the following:

General Condition

  • Inspect for visual damage and/or unusual wear and tear
  • Inspect all visible plumbing and electrical connections
  • Clean debris from generator and wipe down enclosure
  • All switches/breakers in normal operating position


  • Engine oil level
  • Change oil filter
  • Change engine oil

Engine Fuel System

  • Inspect fuel system for leaks
  • Inspect flexible fuel lines
  • Inspect fuel pressure as needed

Engine and Mounting

  • Inspect engine air filter, replace as needed
  • Spark plug(s) check, replacement
  • Check / adjust valves for proper clearance
  • Inspect battery and oil heater (if applicable)


  • Remove corrosion, ensure dryness
  • Clean and tighten battery terminals
  • Check charge state (CCA)

Transfer Switch

  • Ensure connections are tight
  • Perform transfer switch test
  • Check for proper voltage, Hz and RPM