Happy New Year.  We know you made many New Year’s resolutions for this year.  Exercise and losing weight seem to appear on most lists.  So do travel and spending more time with family and friends.  But do your New Year’s resolutions include things to  ensure your home’s electrical system stays current (pun intended)?

We thought not.  Therefore, here are some simple resolutions.

  1. Have a whole house electrical audit done.  Chances are you are using a lot more electricity-consuming appliances, fixtures, computers, entertainment systems, etc. than you were a few years ago.  Make sure you have enough circuit breakers to handle the load.  Make sure your house is wired efficiently.  And make sure you have enough outlets.
  2. Reduce power consumption.  Unplug appliances, like TV sets, which will not be used for a long time.  Turn lights off when you leave the room.  Turn your computer off if you are not using it.
  3. Switch to energy saving light bulbs.  Replacing just five traditional light bulbs with Energy Star rated bulbs can save you $75 a year on your electric bills.
  4. Consider buying a backup generator.  With power outages frequently occurring due to storms, or excessive heat, having a backup generator makes sense.  It’s a smart investment to reduce the risk of losing computer data, having food go bad, etc.