We are truly getting to the dog days of summer, with temperatures reaching into the 90s.  That means our air conditioners are working harder.  With everybody running their air conditioners, that obviously increases the possibility of brownouts and surges.  Realistically, our power system can handle only so much.  But outages most likely will occur.

Undoubtedly, you’ve taken some precautions (at least we hope so).  Perhaps you have backed up the data on your computer so you will not lose any.  Your computers, tablets and cell phones are fully charged.  Flashlights have fresh batteries.  Maybe you even have a back-up generator.

But what about your air conditioning unit?  If a power surge hits, it could mean more than your air conditioner just shutting off and your house becoming warmer.  Power disturbances can actually damage the compressors in the air conditioner.  And depending on your warranty, that may or may not be covered.

The solution is to get a device like the Intermatic Compressor Defender™.  Products such as this absorb the surges and protect compressors and circuit boards from brownouts, surges and short cycles.  So even though your air conditioning will not be working, you at least do not have to worry about major damage to your unit.