Last month, we provided some thoughts on whether you should be doing some simple electrical projects yourself.  If you decide you are going to tackle some of these projects yourself, here are 10 tools you will need, in no particular order.  You can pick most of these up at the hardware store or electrical supply shop.

flashlightFlashlight.  Many times, you will be working in the dark because the electricity is out.  So make sure you have a flashlight with working batteries.  Make sure you have one situated right by your circuit breaker or fuse box.



glassesSafety glasses. Always protect your eyesight, whether cutting holes in drywall and plaster or cutting and splicing wires.




fishtapeFish tape.  Fish tape helps pull wire through conduit.  You should also have cable lube to assist in pulling the wires through.




tape_measureTape measure.  Use the tape measure to measure the heights for switches and outlets, and to center lighting fixture boxes.




levelLevel.  The tape measure will tell you where to place the switch or outlet, the level will make sure you install it, well, level.




volt_meterVoltmeter.  A voltmeter lets you check voltages to ensure that circuits are live.




votl_testNon-contact voltage detector.  This is an important safety tool that tells you if there is voltage or current flow present.




wire_strippersWire stripper.  Wire strippers are used to pull the insulation off of wire.  They also have a cutoff portion to cut wire.  Wire strippers are available with different sized cutting teeth for different wire sizes.   And they have a cutoff portion for when you do need to cut the wire.



screwdriversInsulated screw drivers.  Phillips and straight blade. A must have for assembling lights, fans and installing wiring devices and trim plates.




pliersLinesman pliers.  These all purpose pliers cut, twist wires together and grip wires for pulling.